2020/21 Covid Justice Royal Commission

In 2020/21 the mainstream political parties and their elected members introduced a progression of legislation at both federal and state levels in response to the covid pandemic that significantly diminished the rights of Australians and created a Police state, a surveillance state. Multiple laws in Australia have been blatantly broken by both the Federal and State governments since March 2020.

We will establish a Covid Justice Royal Commission comprising a team of medical, legal and economic experts to examine all emergency, and other measures undertaken during the pandemic including detailed analysis of the harms caused by disproportionate responses across Australia, to determine/ recommend:

  1. a) The specific failures to comply with the Constitution of Australia or national and state laws (e.g. the Biosecurity Act, Public Health Acts) both by the letter and the spirit of the law. This includes analysis of justifications to create a surveillance state and severely limitation basic freedoms and rights across Australia.
  2. b) The specific crimes against humanity committed under Article 7 of the Rome Statute by senior functionaries;
  3. c) Appropriate penalties for officials and public office holders who breached various laws and caused enormous mental, physical harms (including avoidable deaths), and social and economic harms;
  4. d) Any changes required to international laws to which Australia is a signatory (such as the International Bill of Human Rights), to the Constitution of Australia, to national laws, and to state laws in order to stop such a comprehensive breakdown of institutions in the future.

We commit to progressing – through community consultation – the following measures:

  • Possible Constitutional amendments: (a) declaration of natural rights in the manner of the American Declaration of Independence and (b) absolute rights in the manner of the US constitution (e.g. speech) including free movement and the right to occupation (e.g. no distinction between essential/non-essential business); and ensuring absolute protections for the right to assemble, to worship, to health privacy; and comprehensive protections against a surveillance state.
  • National agreement to ensure that no emergency powers are available during peace time under any circumstance.
  • Expunging the precautionary principle from all legislation – without exception. This principle has been badly misused during the 2020/21 pandemic.
  • A Black Hat Commissioner (or similar role) to report to Parliament (nationally and in all States) to critically report on views from opposing experts on every policy decision of the government.
  • A change in laws to stop government interference in the rights of medical professionals and their patients to jointly make informed decisions about their health including any drugs they may choose to take. We will stop any ban on drugs that are approved anywhere else in the developed world.
  • Criminal law amendments to ensure major punishments (non-negotiable jail terms) for public office holders and officials who breach any Australian’s basic liberty and rights without the most stringent justification.

Go-slow on new policy (for three years)

  • Australians need a period of healing and restoration from the man-made disaster of 2020 and 2021. We will aim to continue existing policy settings as far as practicable (except for covid justice). When party Members and the community feel strong that a new policy position is needed, these proposals will be widely consulted before being progressed.

Specific urgent policies

  • Urgent priority to liberating our indigenous communities from oppressive, unresponsive government controls and rules.
  • Ensuring full and proper informed consent for all medical procedures – with a stringent level of disclosure for such consent.
  • Review of CCP’s role in creating the mass hysteria of 2020 and actions by any of public office holders in Australia to support CCP’s goals. We will also review trade or research links with China so these do not compromise national security. We will increase defence spending and defence linkages with the USA, India and Japan.
  • National review to determine why 50% of our children suffer chronic illnesses. Also, a review of the way we look after the seriously disadvantaged and disabled to ensure that all concerned receive necessary support that is also proportionate to the nature of the disability.
  • Regulation to end all censorship by media groups or Big Tech of honest opinions by Australian citizens. Regulatory code to ensure a free and objective media that reports transparently and is not dictated by the conflicting interests of its owners.
  • Support in the laws for citizens who are forced to take measures to defend themselves against violence, such as from an assault on their homes.